The Art Nouveau Site brings forward it opening time


Coinciding with the change in winter opening times, which comes into effect on Wednesday 1 November, the Art Nouveau Site will open half an hour earlier, at 9:30. The new opening time responds to the needs of visitors and will continue in the summer. The new opening times of the Art Nouveau Site are as follows:

                                              November – March      April – October            
Monday to Saturday                9h30 – 16.30 h           9h30 – 18.30 h
Sundays and public holidays   9h30 – 14.30 h           9h30 – 14.30 h

New times of guided visits

There are also changes in the times of guided visits. From Monday to Sunday, visits will be conducted in Spanish (12:00) and English (10:30), with the addition on Saturdays and Sundays of visits in French (11:00) and Catalan (12:30).