Barcelona Clarinet Players

Pau Gil Hall
Sunday 14 January - 19:00

The Barcelona Clarinet Players quartet will perform Czernowitzen Skizzen, their latest disc, an original composition for clarinets by the Austrian Alexander Kukelka. Their music will accompany the reading of 11 poems by Paul Celan, chosen by Arnau Pons, a scholar and translator of Celan’s work. Cernowitz, the poet’s birthplace, was, for a century and a half, until the end of World War I (1918), a meeting place for east and west, for Jewish, Polish, Romanian and Ruthenian cultures. In the 20th century the city changed its name several times and, since Ukraine gained independence in 1991, has been known as Chernivici.

Innovation, fusion, interdisciplinarity and pedagogy are some of the concepts that best define the creative line of the BCP. Their performances are characterised by meticulous chamber work and a polished, energetic staging. The group was formed in 2010 by members of the Barcelona Municipal Band and has a close relation with the Auditori, collaborating on various projects. The BCP are Manuel Martínez, Javier Vilaplana, Martí Guasteví and Alejandro Castillo.

Admission fee
General: 10 euros
Concessions: 8 euros (Friends of the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site, members of the Club Vanguardia, Òmnium Cultural and Club TR3SC, and holders of the BCN Cultural card, the Xarxa de Biblioteques card, and RACC Màster)
Free for under-12s