Connecting Actors for Sustainable Development

The Administration Pavilion
Tuesday 10 November - 16:00

The Conference "Connecting Actors for Sustainable Development in the Context of the United Nations 2030 Agenda" will bring together the directors and staff of the international programme offices housed in the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site and a wide range of local actors in order to explore the meaning and implications of these global goals and engage in dialogue to identify concrete actions that may be taken to implement the 2030 Agenda locally and regionally.

The event will take place on the 10th of November from 16:00 h to 19:15 h and the 11th of November, from 9:00 h to 16:45 h. It is free and open. If you are interested please complete the online registration because the space is limited.

Just a few day sago, 193 heads of state pledged their commitment to "a new agenda for global action" during the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit. Ambitious, universally-applicable and cross-cutting, this 2030 Agenda calls for a world free of poverty, hunger and disease, the reversal of negative environmental trends and full respect for human rights and dignity everywhere.

This bold new agenda challenges governments, citizen groups, scientists, educators and businesses to support the United Nations in efforts to meet the 17 Sustainable Development Goals for education, health, cities, land and marine ecosystems, climate change, and many other key areas. In this context, knowledge exchange, shared understanding and joint solutions are not only advisable, they are essential.

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