International Day of Persons with Disabilities at Sant Pau


Sant Pau is pleased to join the celebrations of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, December 3rd, as host to guided visits organised by the Barcelona Tourism Consortium, together with other institutions working with these collectives.

Throughout the day on Friday, the 1st of December, as many as six groups will visit the Art Nouveau Site as an example of an accessible heritage complex, as much for people with reduced mobility as for those who have a handicap affecting hearing or sight.

In this way, the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site is supporting the campaign #SumamosCapacidades #SumamosDiversidades, which focuses on the benefits of a plural society and the contributions made by citizens with diverse capacities.

The response to the call to participate in these guided visits has been so positive that the experience will be repeated on the 22nd of December with those organisations unable to participation in the first edition.