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LIFE Victoria: The Inner Journey of the Artist

Monday 26 October - 19:00

The inner journey of Johannes Brahms embodies the stereotype of the Romantic artist, both for the times in which he lived—at the height of Romanticism--and for his personal biography. A great admirer of Robert Schumann, he developed a platonic love for Clara Wieck Schumann, for whom he cared until her death while preserving her husband’s musical legacy in a mysterious relationship about which much is still written today.

Brahms never married, but his passionate compositions bring to light the romantic, tortured soul concealed behind the long white beard of the image he left to posterity. But what moved this composer to write works that reveal the most intimate secrets of the human soul? Èric Varas pays tribute to the artist’s inner journey with this programme centring on Brahms’ works for piano.


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