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LIFE Victoria: Walking Through the Forests of Bohemia and Moravia

Monday 19 October - 20:00

The programme offered by Marta Infante and Jorge Robaina is absolutely Central European, drawing on the hard dark winters and lush springs of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. And on the admiration for popular folklore of the composers in the programme, who, with apparent simplicity, express the most profound thoughts on beauty, solitude and eternity.

The first part begins with a cycle of songs very popular in the native Czech Republic of Dvórak, a master of the genre, and continues with the great Rückert-Lieder of Mahler, who was born in Kalište, in the heart of Bohemia.
The second part centres entirely on folklore, with Dvorák’s popular Gypsy Songs—a musical aesthetic incontrovertibly linked to the area—and Janáček’s Moravian Folk Songs, in which the composer seeks the simplicity of the melodies he transcribed on his walks in the countryside, imitating traditional instruments with the piano, to transport the audience to the forests around Hukvaldy, his Moravian hometown.



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