The recovery of the historico-cultural and architectural value of the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site is led by two clear objectives: to provide the old pavilions with new uses capable of attracting outstanding international organisations, and to ​​enable the opening up of the heritage site to the city and its visitors with a project of exceptional quality.

The Patronage Programme of the Art Nouveau Site is oriented towards all those individuals, institutions and companies that wish to play an active part in the project and be associated with Sant Pau's mission and values.

Historically, the great initiatives that have opened up Barcelona and Catalonia to the world have benefitted from the support of patrons and promoters. The landmarks of Catalan Modernisme, including the construction of the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau, as one of many other projects of enduring significance in the history of Catalonia, are a good example of this.

Mecenatge Recinte Històric

Right now the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site needs the involvement of the academic and cultural spheres and of society as a whole in order to carry forward this genuinely global initiative.

For a private entity, being associated with the image of the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site and the Centre for Knowledge, already being built up by a group of leading international institutions, can provide multiple benefits at the corporate level:

  • It adds value and strengthens the image of the company beyond its usual spheres of influence.
  • It positions the company in relation to a spectrum of social issues, earning it public recognition and enhanced visibility and creating synergies with other communication activities.
  • It directly involves the company in a project whose primary goal is to improve the quality of people's lives, giving it a significant role in social change and promoting altruism and solidarity throughout society.
  • It opens the door to participation in the project's values ​​and reinforces identification with the ethical principles ​​of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • It lets the company take part in a project that will enhance the image and projection of Barcelona, Catalonia and Spain around the world.
  • It ensures the presence and visibility of the company in the spaces, activities and communication materials generated by the project in accordance with its level of participation.

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