Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site houses the headquarters of the Barcelona Health Hub


As of today, the Art Nouveau Site is the headquarters of Barcelona Health Hub (BH2), a recently created organisation that aims to offer a digital health space to bring together companies and startups in the sector.

The project will be located in the Sant Manuel Pavilion, initially occupying a space of 1,300 square metres that will, in a first phase, accommodate the 15 startups that are to set up at Sant Pau in the course of this autumn.

Barcelona Health Hub seeks the support of the sector’s major organisations to connect startups with big companies in the pharmaceutical industry, insurance companies and other organisations that apply new technologies in the field of health. The ultimate aim is to connect entrepreneurs and big companies with the aim of transferring cutting-edge innovation to the heath-care industry.

The first startups to confirm their participation in the project include Mediktor, Psius, Social Diabetes, IOMED, MedTep, BITAC, ELMA and Community of Insurance. The common denominator uniting them all is the design of applications, platforms and other technological solutions applied to health, from the viewpoint of professionals and patients alike.