We’re taking part in Architecture Week


Once again this year we’re taking part in Architecture Week, promoted by the Architects’ Association of Catalonia-COAC to bring architectural heritage closer to citizens.

The state of alert decreed by the Covid-19 pandemic has called for a rethink of the events planned. That’s why in this year’s Architecture Week “at home”, we’ll be offering two online talks.

The first will take place on 11 May with the title Architecture that Cures. Sant Pau’s archivist, Miquel Terreu, will be explaining how the hygienist principle that prevailed in the early twentieth century determined the construction of the Hospital de Sant Pau.

In the second talk, on 14 May, the chief architect of the Art Nouveau Site, Mònica Asenjo, will be talking about how sustainability has guided and determined the process of rehabilitating the Modernista pavilions.

Both talks will be live streamed and access is free of charge.